"Anything and everything to do with bikes and cycling"

In need of some bike maintenance?
Martin, runs Soar Valley Cycles, a business we are partnered with. This covers all ranges of bike maintenance from mobile bike mechanics to bike maintenance courses.
Between us we have a wide range of skills and expertise in the world of cycling. We can cater for people of all needs, ages and abilities. Overall we have numerous qualifications in coaching, bike maintenance and special needs.
Who are we?
b-buddies is a family run business based in Leicestershire. Sophie (daughter) is the boss, Martin (dad) is lead instructor, Colette (mum) is the safeguarding/welfare officer and Kieran (son) is the assistant.

Check out our " about us" section for more on each team member and our qualifications.
Balance Buddies Club
Balance Buddies has had a revamp!
More, fun games, new exciting equipment and a special session once a term.

Fancy giving it a go?
Pop down one week and give it a go for FREE.
Bikes and helmets included therefore reccomended to get in touch to check for availability beforehand.

Saturdays 1:05-1:50pm
​Soar Valley leisure centre in Mounsorrel

Limited spaces apply therefore booking in advance required.
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CycleFit Club off to a speedy start

Beaumanor Hall
​LE12 8TX
As the new acedemic year approaches, b-buddies' cycling club is getting a fresh start!
With a new time, fresh skills, equipment, games and much more to add to the CycleFit Club sessions, what better way to keep your children entertained on a Saturday afternoon.

Membership deals coming soon too! 
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Bikeability Level 1 and 2 Training Courses
Has your child missed out on Bikeability at school recently? Or would you like to gain some confidence with some on the road training? 
b-buddies are providing Bikeability Level 1 and Level 2 courses in different areas throughout the year. 
The course will start with 2 hours of Bikeability Level 1 followed by 6 hours of Bikeability Level 2.

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Family of Sam Boulton to launch safety campaign in his memory
The family of a cyclist who died after being knocked into moving traffic by a car door have launched the 'Sam Says' campaign.
Teacher Sam Boulton was killed outside Leicester Railway Staition when a taxi passenger opened her door, forcing him and his bike into the path of a van as he cycled home. 
It is almost two years since Sam's tragic death.
Robbed of a son, brother and fiance, his family have suffered agonising loss and endured months of heartbreak.
Now the family have launched the 'Sam Says' campaign in their son's memory. It aims to help educate drivers about cyclists safety and the dangers of 'car-dooring'.
Dad Jeff Boulton said: "Losing Sam has been heart-breaking for the whole family, but the fact that his death was due to entirely avoidable behaviour is particularly painful. People need to be aware of the life-threatening dangers of opening their car doors onto the road without carefully checking for cyclists first.
Help us spread the word and use the 'Dutch Reach' (using the opposite hand to open the door forcing you to look around first).
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