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To book some Cycle Training with b-buddies or a Maintenance Course with Soar Valley Cycles, please see the forms below to send us your details. *PLEASE NOTE* there are different forms for the different training.
Once you have sent us the information we require, we will send you the payment details. This is taken at the time of booking to secure your place.
You will recieve a confirmation email once the payment has been recieved by us. Please read through the terms and conditions below beforehand.

Balance Buddies Club
1 session

6 week block 

Biking Buddies
4 week course


Once you have submitted your form and we have confirmed the availability, you can go ahead with the payment using one of the below methods.
CycleSkills Club
1 session

6 week block 

We are currently in the process of adding PayPal to our methods of payment.
Bank Transfer
Once you have completed the above boking form, we will provide you with the details to process the payment in order to reserve your place.
GoBike Club
1 session

6 week block 

Check Out
Private Lessons
Learn to ride

£25 1 rider/£35 2 riders
Bikeability Level 1
£55 (+£5 per additional rider)

Bikeability Level 2
£55 (+£5 per additional rider)

Bikeability Level 3
£55 (+£5 per additional rider)

Bikeability Transition Course
£55 (+£5 per additional rider)

Terms and Conditions
b-buddies require a consent form to be completed on arrival of your first session and an adult must remain on site at all times to comply with our Safeguarding and Welfare Policies.

We cannot accommodate for spectators or anyone who is not booked onto our session to be riding a bike, scooter or anything else within the centre. This is not only the rules of our venues but also to avoid disruption within our session.

If possible when using your own bike, please check for flat tyres and working brakes etc beforehand. If you are not able to make these adjustments to the bike prior to the session we are more than happy to assist you with this at the start however it does speed up the session when done beforehand.

b-buddies will not be responsible for the riders outside of the session time therefore they need to remain off the bike before and after the session.

Helmets must be worn at all times. Riders must be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear (no open toe shoes, wellies or skirts). We recommend that long trousers or leggings are worn for rider comfort and ease of getting on and off the bike. Please bring a water bottle as the session can be tiring at times. 

For cancellations made more than 7 days of the session b-buddies will refund the booking fee, any cancellations made within 7 days b-buddies are unable to make a refund. Please note, refunds will match the price that you paid meaning that any block bookings will be refunded in whole and therefore need to be cancelled at least 7 days before the start of the course/term.
Bike hire
£3.50 per session

10% Siblings Discount available with Balance Buddies, Biking Buddies, CycleFit Club and Private Lessons

Cycle Training with b-buddies

Full name of person making the booking (over 18)
Email Address
Full name of rider
Contact Number
Age of rider
Session name booking onto
Date/start date of session/course booking onto
Do you require bike hire? (Biking Buddies/Private Lessons only)
Anything we need to be aware of (medical/behavioural information etc.)
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Bicycle Maintenance with Soar Valley Cycles

Full name of person making the booking (over 18)
Email address
Anything we need to be aware of (behavioural/medical etc)
Course name booking onto
Contact number
Course date booking onto
Full name and age of person taking part